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The original church was built in 1823 within the ancient parish of Ovingham as a chapel of ease (the name given a church building other than the Parish church, built within the bounds of a parish for those who could not reach the parish church conveniently).

The site served the hamlet of High Mickley and adjacent farms. The land was donated and the cost of the building met by Mr W Battie Wrightson (the church being then known as Hall Yards Chapel).

The church building was extended in 1884 and was partially funded by the local landowner Mr R. H. Wrightson. The extension was necessary due to the development of the coal mines in the area by the Mickley Coal Company( formed in 1866) which necessitated the building of the substantial village of Mickley Square to accommodate the work force. Mickley became a parish in its own right in 1867.

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