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Friends of St Peter’s Bywell

Local people have been christened, married and buried at St Peter’s Bywell for over a thousand years. The church was also a school, and a place of safety in more dangerous times – the centre of a busy community. These days fewer people attend church services regularly but many of us want to see the church remain open for future generations. Historic buildings cost a lot to maintain, which is why we started a charity, Friends of St Peter’s in 2016.

From just £20 a year, you can become a Friend of St Peter’s. The link to the application form is on this page.

Anyone can be a Friend; some of us live nearby, others holiday regularly in the area whilst others visit occasionally. Some of us have family connections through baptisms or weddings, whilst others have loved ones at rest and remembered in the graveyard.

For all of us, St Peter’s Church and its churchyard is special.

Join us in helping to support and maintain this beautiful and historic church and keep it as a community heritage for now and for future generations, just like those before us.

For further details please email

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