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What can I expect on my first visit?

You will be welcomed probably by one of our welcomers, who will give you the service booklet, hymn book etc. They can advise you where to sit. Often on a fist visit, it is helpful to sit where you can see what other people do during the service. The service itself consists of readings, prayers, and communion. You will be able to follow the service in the service booklet and are invited to say the words in bold type. Hymn numbers are posted on the hymn boards.

At the end of the service, you are invited to stay behind to meet and chat to other people if you would like to.

What is Holy Communion?

Sometimes called the Eucharist, Holy Communion is a service which has its roots in Jesus' telling his disciples to break bread and share wine as he himself did at the last supper. It is service during which as Christians we believe we encounter God in hearing the word of God and in receiving bread and wine. 

I'm not sure about what I believe, is it still OK to come?

Faith is a journey - it is not about having arrived, which none of us have, but about being open to letting God speak to us and being willing to respond. So, you are very welcome to join us on the journey.

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