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Light over Bywell

The pageant Light over Bywell was written by the late David Bell, who I think was head Teacher at Broomley School at the time.   David Bell lived in Batt House Road.

It was performed in St Peter Church Bywell on 2nd January 1955.   It was also featured on what was then the Home Service of the radio.

So many people turned up for the performance that some had to wait in the Vicarage for a second performance later in the evening.

As a footnote, Light over Bywell makes reference to the 1771 flood and the tale of Mary Leighton being rescued in her cradle at Tynemouth having been swept out of her home at Bywell by the torrent and it is heartening to know that the Parish Registers 20 years later record that a Mary Leighton was witness at a wedding at St Peter's.

For the text of, and other items related to, the pageant click on the link below.





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